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TI BUILDERS can do it all. There is no project too big or too small, too detailed or too broad. We have completed specialty projects including mortuaries, indoor sports centers, boxing gym, wineries, gymnastics gyms, and  exotic pet shops. 

Climb Society,
Folsom, CA
Photo Mar 05, 8 32 23 AM.jpg
River City Christian
Sacramento, CA
Neo Escape Room
Sacramento, CA
Photo Apr 22, 11 12 03 AM.jpg
Palm Veterinarian
Orangeville, CA
Photo May 13, 4 08 47 PM.jpg
Natomas Clubhouse
Sacramento, CA
Photo Jan 10, 10 54 58 AM.jpg
Davis, CA
Garage Row Racing
Palm Springs, CA
Photo Jul 06, 10 57 00 AM.jpg
Holistic Connection
Madison, TN
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