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Mike Cimorelli has construction in his blood, and it’s a passion he was raised with. His grandfather, father and uncles were all part of the construction world. They were the catalyst for Mike's love of the construction industry and real estate development, and Mike is proud to say that 4 of his sons and daughters have joined him in the company as well, working both in the field and the office. This love led him to California University Sacramento where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering Management. 
He is the leader of TI Builders as Founder and President. Mike's management style is hands-on for the California, Tennessee, and Texas branches. He’s a seasoned construction executive and industry specialist, excelling at turnkey projects in all major construction sectors. Known for credibility and integrity, Mike manages top-performing teams and communicates effectively with all stakeholders. In 30+ years Mike has built a team equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle all projects large and small, successfully completing over 2,000 commercial construction projects.
Mike is driven to help businesses design/build their new locations. It is very satisfying to see the new operations, how they affect the employees, productivity, and overall happiness of the work. Mike communicates with all team members in daily/weekly meetings ensuring all branches are running smoothly. He also frequently meets with our partners to ensure thriving ongoing relationships.
He has been married to his lovely wife Lynne for over 30 years. Together they share 11 children and 11 grandchildren and counting. He is a whiskey connoisseur and enjoys long bike rides, the gym, and grilling for his family. 


I function in many different roles at TI Builders. Whether estimating, pre-construction, design, project or field management, my job is to ensure comprehensive delivery of projects and success for all involved.  

I’ve been around jobsites since I was 7 years old. Building has always been part of my life and I enjoy the pursuit of continuous improvement and new challenges that building in today’s ever-changing environment brings. For me, being a contractor is more than just business: it’s bringing someone’s vision or dream to life, developing long term relationships with clients, subcontractors and vendors, and putting people first. It’s rewarding to be part of a team that develops projects from idea conception into completed spaces, emphasizing the client’s program needs, workflows and business plan along the way.

Outside of being a builder, I enjoy family life along with many different hobbies. Married in 2018, my wife and I have two beautiful children. I’m a typical outdoorsman, but also a volunteer firefighter, home mechanic, and general hands-on enthusiast. Bring me a challenge and I make it my mission to find a solution.

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I’ve been working with TI Builders since my Father, Mike, first told me “I need help!”. I was mostly occupied with algebra and video games, but in time I grew to love the complexity and flexibility of working for a family owned small business. There is not just room to grow, but frequent impetus to grow.

Most of my work is on project management, but I also manage the administrative odds and ends of the business. 

We run lean and stay nimble. We take ownership and allow decisions to be made on the ground. When chaos strikes, we organize and seek creative solutions rather than placing blame. We are here to consistently improve. We like to make things happen. 

Other than working, I make sourdough from scratch, I pull shots of espresso, lift heavy weights, pray, read, hang out with my wife, and play with my young son.

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I am a proud fourth-generation carpenter/builder. My father owned his own construction company for many years. I spent summers, weekends and school vacations working for him learning all aspects of the construction world.

Some of my earliest memories were working in my great grandfather’s wood shop helping him build furniture and repair antique woodwork in houses in the hills of Berkley. I was actually getting in the way but loved being a part of such an interesting artistry.

I have been a professional in the trades since the early 90s working for an expanse of general contractors. My experience extends to running an assortment of project from small Tis, multi-million dollar building upgrades and ground ups. As VP of Operations, I have overseen multiple superintendents and project managers, as well as office and field staff. I am well versed in problem solving on project issues, personnel logistics, estimating and scheduling, enforcing safety requirements and quality control for all projects.  I am excited to take on my next adventure of TI Builders as Partner in our Texas location. 



I started my career working with my father in his steel and fabrication and machine shop, building everything from agricultural equipment to Pikes Peak Hill Climb cars. This type of work requires detail and forethought, which I have finetuned. I have always enjoyed working with steel, and it is still a hobby of mine. I became involved with construction first by providing structural steel, including bridge work. I have 18 years steel fabrication and structural steel experience and 28 years in general contracting and construction management. 

After nearly 30 years I have worked on most every type of project in multiple countries. I was technical manager for Al Saedan Company LTD., working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I helped build a 150,000 SF steel pipe mill, a center pivot manufacturing facility, a CMU block factory, and injection molding plant. I trained men from multiple countries on how to weld and fabricate steel, run electrical conduit, pull wire and work on agricultural equipment. While with Al Saedan I also worked in Cairo, Egypt and Oporto, Portugal. 


I have worked with a group who took high school students to Mexico and built houses for local families, I taught the students construction skills while using the most basic tools. I helped put together a clean water treatment project for a small village in the mountains above Copan de Ruinas, Honduras. We raised the money, purchased the equipment, and then helped install in the village. I also spent 15 years in the retail world focused on constructing Wal-Mart and Home Depot locations in the United States.


It’s difficult to say what projects I am most proud of because they all come with their own challenges.  I feel like the humanitarian projects satisfy the needs in your heart and 

the technical projects satisfy the mind.

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