4790 Golden Foothill Pkwy, El Dorado Hills, CA

15,000 sq. ft

Nor Cal Controls is an industry leader in providing consulting, engineering and training services to the traditional and renewable power industry. They have a proven track record of success in designing and applying technology specific to the power generation industry. Recently, NCC has experienced significant growth and badly needed to move their operation to a bigger facility without any down time to their operations.


In 2018 NCC purchased an 18,000 SF Office/Warehouse building on a 49,000 SF parcel of land located in the El Dorado Hills Business Park. Immediately after the purchase of the building TIB was contacted by Tom Conwell, broker (Newmark, Cornish and Carey) in Sacramento. This Office/Warehouse building included ample windows and solar panels provided. After the initial meeting and job walk it was determined the scope of work would include adding a state-of-the-art kitchen and break room, taking out numerous non load bearing walls to create a more open work environment. In addition, we would be adding an executive shower to the first-floor bathroom and completing exterior ADA upgrades and Title 24 upgrades were needed.


Like many of the Design/Build Tenant Improvement projects that TIB takes on this job had a distinctive challenge. We would need to develop a plan for a Multi Phased Tenant Improvement that would allow NCC staff to stay on site without interruption of their business operations. After meeting with NCC staff we devised a 4-phase plan to address the need for this client. 


Phase 1 of the TI would include completion of all necessary ADA interior and exterior upgrades before anyone could legally move in. Also, we completed a second-floor office area so the admin staff could continue their work uninterrupted.

Phase 2 was the design and completion of the kitchen/breakroom and the engineering offices.

Phase 3 included a new training center facility

Phase 4 consisted of the completion of the warehouse and logistics area.


This project was completed from start to finish in 16 weeks including design and permitting. Nor Cal Controls was able to maintain all business functions without missing one day of production. This multi-phase occupied tenant improvement was possible due to three important factors. First, clear and consistent communication between NCC and TIB staff throughout the entire project. Second, adherence to a 3-week schedule process allowing for necessary scope of work adjustments at regular intervals. Third, is the project success was helped along by consistent recognition of the critical path. Specifically, the sequencing of stages helped determine the minimum time needed for completion of this operation.