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InnovAge Pace Center

Sacramento, CA


Square Footage

65,000 sq ft


15 months

Year Completed



* Coordinated entitlements, design, and permitting

* Utility upgrades

* Moved adjacent tenant (El Hogar) to new temporary space while we built a new office for them within the building

* Extensive parking lot renovations for buses and bus canopy

* These facilities are inspected every 6 months by the State. If the deadline is missed, a 6 month delay in opening is incurred. We successfully met the deadline by cutting the construction time from 9 to 7 months.*


InnovAge Pace Center

InnovAge is in the middle of a significant expansion of their PACE center program around the country. InnovAge PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) is an alternative to nursing facilities. It provides customized healthcare and social engagement to older adults to help them stay independent and in their homes. PACE participants receive most of their healthcare and social support at a PACE center in their community. Each person in the program has a team of medical experts and a personal care plan that is focused on providing a personalized PACE experience. InnovAge is one of more than 100 PACE providers across the U.S.

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