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Upgrade Labs

Austin, TX


Square Footage

3,124 sq ft


In Progress

Year Completed

Est. 2024


TI Builders was referred to Scale Franchising for the build-out of the first location of Upgrade Labs in Austin, TX. This 2nd-generation space is in a street level retail suite at the 5th Street Commons apartment complex in Downtown Austin. The project management team emphasized the importance of working with a local general contractor with strong references to complete this project as many second, third or more generation spaces prove to have their own specific challenges.

While reviewing the architectural plans, the TI Builders team recognized a discrepancy between the elevation of the slab on grade and the exterior sidewalk. The delta between the two elevations required the storefront entrance to this suite to be relocated. This type of challenge is something we see quite frequently with out of town architects.

Due to how the multi-use building was constructed, TI Builders was not able to bring the HVAC line sets through the chase of the building. To get the line sets from the air condensers to the unit on the roof of the building this required TI Builders to create a sheet metal cover on the building exterior.


Upgrade Labs

Upgrade Labs is a biohacking center with featured technologies including lymphatic massage, PEMF, resistance strength training, cold therapy, and more. This franchise offers a new approach to health and wellness. By using technology and innovative methods to help people improve their physical and cognitive performance. Founded by Dave Asprey, also known for founding Bulletproof Coffee and the biohacking movement.

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