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Stepping Stones - Brockton

Brockton, MA


Square Footage

16,300 sq ft


In Progress

Year Completed

Est. 2024


The office space design showcases creativity and innovation, featuring more than 25 office spaces tailored to promote a vibrant professional environment. With modern flooring, unique rubber flooring, and strategically located restrooms, training areas, and relaxation spots, the workspace is inviting and comfortable. Noteworthy is the indoor play area with rubber flooring, offering a lively and pleasant atmosphere for young visitors. The project's meticulous focus on detail and deliberate design results in an outstanding and inspiring accomplishment.


Stepping Stones - Brockton

The Stepping Stones Group grew from a simple belief: That every child is born with a special set of gifts. Throughout our history, we have partnered with 14 mission-driven organizations that share in our vision.

Together, we are transforming the lives of children and families, improving the quality of therapeutic and behavioral services, and joining with like-minded therapists, clinicians and educators in order to have a greater impact in our communities. Our passionate leadership team and expansive clinical support network ensure the delivery of the highest quality therapeutic and behavioral health services nationwide.

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