Finding the right general contractor in Sacramento for your construction project is a very important decision. Get it right, and your project will go smoothly and be completed on time and on budget. Get it wrong, and you will be faced with daily headaches, cost overruns and missed deadlines.

So what factors should you consider to make sure the general contractor you select is the best fit for you? Read on.

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The first and arguably most important factor is the experience of the general contractor in the Sacramento market. Do they understand the construction rules and regulations in the region? Do they have a strong track record of successfully completed projects in the Sacramento area? How long have they been active in the Sacramento region?

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Of course you want a general contractor that knows what they’re doing. But when assessing this area, make sure they have expertise in successfully completing your specific type of project. An office tenant improvement project differs vastly from construction of an industrial manufacturing facility.

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Be sure to ask for references from construction clients in the Sacramento area. More specifically, ask to talk with clients who had construction projects similar to yours. Look for testimonials on the general contractor’s website.

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When selecting a general contractor, you want to be sure they have a broad range of capabilities. For instance, do they have expertise in facility and building design? Do they understand how to design functional interiors and spaces that will enhance productivity?

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Licenses & Insurance

Hiring an unlicensed contractor or one without adequate insurance coverage may put you at serious risk. So be sure that any general contractor you consider has all of the necessary licenses and insurance coverage.

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Project Management

Ask detailed questions about how your project will be managed on a day-to-day basis. Will the general contractor be on-site to oversee the work of subcontractors each day? How and when will your general contractor communicate progress to you?

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Attention to Detail

No matter the size, a construction or tenant improvement project has a lot of moving parts. So attention to detail is critical. Ask the general contractor for samples of prior bids. Are they thorough and detailed? What project management tools and techniques does the contractor use to ensure timely and successful completion of projects?

While not an all-inclusive list, including these areas in your decision when selecting a general contractor in Sacramento will help ensure a good fit and a successful project.

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